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Side Hustle Accelerator - 1:1 Coaching Package

Side Hustle Accelerator - 1:1 Coaching Package


A Package of 6 1:1 coaching sessions and 1 year business strategy. Also includes a free copy of the Side Hustle Accelerator Book (a $295 value!)


5 Week Side Hustle Accelerator Program

Week 1: Entrepreneurship 101 Setting Goals, Finding the Muse

Week 2: Branding 101 Creating a Mood Board, Logo Design, and Social Images with Canva

Week 3: Setting Up Shop 101 Building an Email List, Social Media for Business, Payment Processing

Week 4: Digital Marketing 101 Building a Sales Funnel, Giveaways, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Email Marketing

Week 5: Analytics & A/B Testing 101 Business Operations including Finance & Legal 


  • 5 weeks of content, downloads, videos and discussions as we build your business together 

  • Unlimited questions for business experts. If I don't know your answer, I will tap into my network to get it!

  • 5 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions on Zoom to build your business from the ground up

  • VIP Access to the private Side Hustle Accelerator Slack Channel and Facebook Group