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We are a Rhode Island-based boutique marketing agency that helps guide businesses in their journey to build or rebuild their digital architecture. We offer content and resources to ensure your brand is set up for digital marketing success - and most importantly, so you can stop wasting marketing resources!

Melissa Carrier Rhode Island

Hi! I’m Melissa

Stripe addict and lemon lover.

My passion is helping businesses of all sizes succeed by attracting and delighting new and existing customers through digital marketing skills that I've earned in over 10 years of consumer goods and retail experience. Creating a digital footprint for your business has become much more than setting up a website. If you're overwhelmed at the ever-changing requirements online, I don't blame you!

Follow along on my blog for a ton of resources and mini-marketing lessons and check out my real-live online shop where I’m always experimenting with the latest marketing trends.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
— Dale Carnegie

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