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Welcome to my repository of goodies!

If you are looking for free digital marketing resources for entrepreneurs you've come to the right place! I regularly create content for entrepreneurs to help better understand or utilize the power of digital marketing. You'll find all of my content relating to digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, contest marketing, building a side hustle, social media strategy and management, SEO for beginners, light web design, and more right here!

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Also, please reach out if there's a learning topic that you are dying to know more about. Be sure to stop by often as this collection is sure to grow over time. Soon, I'll be adding links to my YouTube Channel and sharing how to videos for all kinds of digital marketing tactics.

How to Navigate the Goodies

Each category has a number of topics within. You will find general digital marketing topics under Digital Marketing Support such as my popular Free Digital Marketing Checklist, Email Marketing Resources, and my 2019 Digital Marketing Services Pricing Guide.

Side-Hustle Accelerator is handy for anyone who is new to starting a business or side-hustle.

Contest Marketing has information about how to get involved with or start your own viral giveaway.

Digital Marketing Freebies

Digital Marketing Support

Digital Marketing is a key component of business today. I’ve collected a carefully curated selection of my best tools to help guide you on your way.

marketing resources

MArketing resources for Entrepreneurs

Here you’ll find a list of the tools I use with referral codes and discounts.

Side-Hustle School

Side Hustle Academy

No matter the stage of your side-hustle journey, I have the perfect resources to support you.

Contest Marketing

Contest marketing

If you are ready to try Contest Marketing, this is the place for you!