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Best Tools for the Job
Grammarly Review

TL;DR Don’t be a hero, download the Grammarly extension today

Best Tools for the Job: A Grammarly Review

I’ve been using this tool for years now. Although I consider myself to be a decent writer and even enjoyed my grammar lessons in school, I use this tool to avoid dumb and embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes.

It’s easy to use and will soon become an integrated part of your daily workflow, so much that you will barely remember what life was like before you were surrounded by flawless spelling and grammar.

How to Get Started with Grammarly

I think Grammarly works best when you install the Chrome extension. That way, you’ll have an integrated tool to check spelling and grammar in most of your web apps. I’ve found that Grammarly doesn’t work natively in every app (Squarespace for one) so in that case I just navigate over to the Grammarly page, copy my writing and then paste for the same level of spelling and grammar wizardry.

Sign Up for Free Today

It’s super easy to get started with Grammarly. Click the link below to try their free app and I’m sure you’ll be ready to go Pro in no time!

Best Tools for Checking Spelling and Grammar

Best Tools for Checking Spelling and Grammar