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Thoughts on Momentum. And where to go from here.

January is Tough

Despite all of the high expectations we experience on January 1st, the month always seems to throw hurdles all over the calendar for our meticulously selected goals we set for the New Year.. After the initial hangover for those who only drink the bubbly stuff once a year - there's more: weather disruptions (which seem to be prevalent everywhere this year!), rampant flu epidemics, holiday credit card bills...it can really take a toll on our energy. 

Personally, after two days of hitting it hard at the gym (New Year New Me right?) I came down with that somewhat milder version of the flu you get when you've had a flu shot and I've been struggling with a terrible cough and a fever on and off for days. It sucks. 

Tony Robbins Quote Momentum

On Monday, it happened to be a gray and dreary Martin Luther King Day. I didn't even want to get out of bed, especially when I knew it was a holiday. I had an excuse, but I got up and rewarded myself with an iced coffee. Momentum. Moments later I checked my email. Two potential clients were reaching out to me! By noon I had set up two meetings and another potential client called to move a proposal forward. I continued to get more work accomplished and my the end of the day I had my first blog post in months up. Momentum.


That Brings Me To My Point 

Let' see... January... goals. Ah. When getting started with any major goal it's always great to start with something that will give you an easy win, but will start to build momentum. Below you'll see the prompt for my January Accountability Group on Facebook. Once you have that first win under your belt it becomes much easier to set and attain more difficult goals as the months go on. 

Consider joining us here if you're interested in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs tackling goals each month. 

january goal setting

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