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Digital Advertising PB&J

Customer Acquisition Dream Team?

Facebook Ads & AdWords go together like peanut butter and jelly to achieve your customer acquisition goals.

Facebook Ads has that secret sauce that combines beautifully with 3rd party data sources to let you HYPER target an audience like no other ad platform. AdWords is the sticky jelly that lets you pull in customers at their exact moment of need (while they are actively searching for the solution YOU provide).

Digital Advertising PB&J

Let's look a litter deeper.

As is true with most things I talk about on here, I'm going to ask you to get crystal clear on your marketing goals.

Here are some common scenarios, and recommendations for recipes.

You want to generate more leads based off of your current customers.

Facebook Ads + Custom Audiences = Killer Lookalike Audiences

You want to find people shopping online for the new product you.

Google AdWords + keywords related to your product = A special appearance by your product in their search

You know your audience inside and out and want to get your message in front of them.

Facebook Ads + granular ad targeting = Hello moms of toddlers who live in Kalamzoo!

You have a new restaurant in town and want to target those looking for a new lunch spot before noon.

Google AdWords + Bid Adjustment for 11-1 pm = Your new restaurant appearing front and center in their Google search

Of course there are many, many more recipes that I could share! Post your business need in comments.

Looking for a solution to take your business to the next level? Digital Advertising is my jam. Oh man.. did I really just do that?

Anyway... please reach out if I can help!