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What's in My Marketing Handbag?

What's in your Marketing Handbag? You know, the essential tools you have on hand to be ready for any situation?

For me, it looks like this:

1. Canva - I'm not a graphic designer but this tool makes it super easy for me to whip up any digital graphic I need, in any size. I use this. I pay for this.

2. Mailchimp - I can easily create a campaign or email to promote an idea I have and share it with my list. Easy to use templates and you also have the ability to create dynamic drip campaigns.

3. Social Squares - Once upon a time, I used to drive myself crazy with deciding which images to use on social. How to stay brand appropriate, but not spend 5 years perfecting my skills in flat lay photography? 🤔 Ahah! A $19 monthly plan that offer the most gorgeously usable images from Shay Cochrane at www.scstockshop.com. Done. 

4. My Facebook Groups - Googling answers to your questions is so 2017. Facebook Groups are where I turn for expert answers. Here you will find people who are both passionate and knowledgable about the topic you need more information about.  

Want to join one of mine? I have two Facebook Groups going on at the moment. The first has been discussed on the blog before and is for crushing goals and getting support on that goal throughout the month. 

Join my Accountability Group here.

My latest Facebook Group is exclusively for Rhode Island Entrepreneurs. It is less than a month old but we have already made great strides and have a head shot session and a meet up scheduled! 

Join my RI Entrepreneurs Lounge here.

What's in your Marketing Handbag?

I love hearing about the tools and resources my fellow entrepreneurs are using.

Marketing Handbag
Melissa Carrier