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How to Customize Your Apple Watch Face

You've customized your office. You've customized your lock screen. (No? Head here right now. It's a collection of my favorites.)

Now it's time to add some delight to your Apple Watch face! 

Why not look at something that makes you smile when your watch is politely buzzing you to get off your ass - get to that next meeting - or that you have a new urgent email?

Here's the how:

It's actually super easy and once you see how it works once you'll catch right on!

1. Save the image of choice to your iPhone

2. Select your photo and tap the box in the left bottom corner (see arrow).


3. Tap Create Watch Face


4. Decide if you want a Photos or Kaleidoscope watch face ( I chose Photos for this one)


5. Tap Add & you're almost done (see? easy right?)


6. Pro-Tip: Add your favorite complications above & below the time.


There you have it! Now you can add any photo you'd like to your Apple Watch face. My kids love Minnie Mouse because she's adorable and can talk - but I love mixing it up on almost a daily (at least weekly) basis.

Here's one of my favorites at the moment... I have more on Pinterest so check them out!

Melissa CarrierComment