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Unplugged Vacation

Have you gone without an internet connection for a whole week in the past 8 years?

I'm about to starting tomorrow! My family and I are leaving for Miami tonight, where we'll get on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas and then make our way to St. Thomas, San Juan and Haiti.

This year I'm challenging myself to reconnect with a camera and a notebook. No iPhone, no iPad, no internet. 

How? How do you leave behind a young business with busy clients? Trust me, they are in good hands. I've set my clients up with a trusted partner who will be available to them while I'm gone. And let me tell you, "trusted partner" minimizes the fact that this was the person who either taught me or we figured out together so many aspects of digital marketing together while managing an eCommerce busines, including Adwords and Infusionsoft. Oh and also, he's an amazing developer. They are in very good hands.

Now back to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. I am SO looking forward to spending some time with my Canon Rebel. I was gifted this camera back in 2012 when my now oldest daughter was only a few months old. And starting to walk. So yeah. Since the day I got it, I haven't exactly had the attention span to put in the work to familiarize myself with this camera. She's 6 now and also an avid photographer (and scrapbooker!). It will be so fun to spend this time together developing our creative passion for photography.

I'm excited to get back to my notebook as well. I have so many ideas floating around that with nothing but pen and paper, I'm certain I can finally capture them on paper.

Have you ever just taken a time out, walked away from your computer and reconnected with your ideas? 


Magen's Bay Here We Come!

Magen's Bay Here We Come!

Melissa Carrier