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Worried About Your Facebook Business Page? Do these 3 things instead.

Happy 2018! I hope this is a year of creative and prosperous ideas for your company. What's that? Facebook is completely pulling the rug out from under any content that isn't from your personal network?

Looks like it's time to get creative (and therefore prosperous) sooner rather than later!

If this news comes as a shock to you, I'm sorry. The warning signs have been long coming. Trust me, as someone who has been using Facebook as a marketing tool for the past 9 years I can tell you about the glory days of unlimited organic reach, and the disappointment of having all that taken away. 

Why it's time to get creative with your digital marketing plan.

Change forces us to do better.


Let's be real: unless your brand page was a rare unicorn, how much organic reach did you have anyway? That leads me to my first opportunity. 

The Facebook Group

You know what's having a moment? Well, yeah, I already gave it away. Facebook Groups. (Find everything you need to know about Facebook Groups here.) These communities are a great way for your brand to provide value via Facebook. Chances are you've already found some great groups. If not, you are welcome to join mine if you are looking for some serious goal support. It's a monthly accountability group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Each month I focus on a theme and deliver prompts throughout the month. Group members are encouraged to seek help and provide expertise so it's far more than the self-promoting broadcast that brand pages could turn out to be. 


If this Facebook news has you all worked up, I'm going to take a guess here that you've invested a lot of time and energy on your page. Could this mean, perhaps, that you've put all of your proverbial eggs in the Facebook basket? If that is the case it's time to diversify your digital portfolio. Take some time to think about your audience and research which social sites they are spending time on. You might find great opportunities to drive a lot of traffic to your site on Pinterest or cash in some sales with a loyal Instagram following. Get your business out there! Just not all at once. On every social site. Because that could be a big waste of time. Better yet, just ask me for some advice if you need it. 

Throw Down Some Marketing Dollars

What's your marketing budget? Please don't say Zero Dollars. Did you say Zero Dollars? Or "I spent all my money on fancy business cards with rose gold foil?" This is 2018 and it's time to pay to play (and you can get really inexpensive business cards that look great these days so that is no longer a valid excuse). 

You don't have to spend a ton of money to get digital results. What you do need, however, is a plan, some creative messaging, and a way to measure your ROI. Not sure what platform to spend your digital dollars on? Look into Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

The Bottom Line

Don't buy the hype. Each "the sky is falling!!!!" clickbait think piece out there is designed for one thing. Traffic baby. I fall for it, you fall for it - maybe you even fell for it with this post. The irony of this whole situation is that Facebook is trying to prevent exactly that type of news from showing up in your newsfeed. It's a good thing for humanity and a bad thing for the brands that make money off of clickbaity, divisive content. Go peddle your misery someplace else! Ugh, probably Twitter...

Now, take a deep breath. I know my readers are going to be alright. So go grab the nearest copy of Who Moved My Cheese and call me in the morning.

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With Love,

Your Digital Marketing Therapist - Melissa

P.S. That Who Moved My Cheese link is an affiliate link, which means I'll make some pennies if you buy it. I promise, it will only be used to support my iced coffee addiction.

P.P.S.While affiliate links are great, my family would appreciate if you would reach out if you think we should work together on digital marketing. Contact me.


Melissa Carrier