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5 Promotion Ideas for the Holidays

Are you struggling to think of creative ideas to promote your business for the holidays? Here's a list of ideas you can use, along with a BONUS swipe file.

Holiday Marketing can make or break your business. Do you remember when I told you why it's called Black Friday? 

You need a creative promotion to grab the attention of both past and new customers in a very noisy marketplace.

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In my previous post, I talked about some different types of promotions:

  • Pricing: discounts, coupons, BOGO

  • Product: gift with purchase, limited edition, sets

  • Lead Generation: giveaways, contests, share with a friend

  • Engagement: Pinterest parties, Facebook Live, Twitter Chats

  • Events: In-store events

  • Partnerships: relevant brands, influencers

These are all great ways to achieve a number of marketing objectives. So which one(s) should you choose?

You're going to hate this answer. 

It depends. 

Ughhh of course it does. There's no magical formula I can select for your holiday marketing promotions with my magical wish granting wand. In fairness to you as a consumer, you wouldn't want that anyway. In the promotion ideas I'm going to list below I'm going to do my best to impart my wisdom, past experiences, successes and failures with you and tell you which applications the promotion will make the most sense for. It's up to you to know your business and customers and select the promotion that will be most relevant. If you still need help, I can do that too!

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Holiday Gift Giveaway

Good for: Lead Generation

If you have an email list, this will be an effective way to collect leads heading into the holiday season. The idea is simple: customers give you their email address in exchange for a chance to win one of your products. Use those emails and create a strong holiday email campaign.

Promote the giveaway to your email list, on social channels and website, and in your store (if you have one).

Pricing: Buy More Save More Discount

Good for: High-end/premium brands, higher priced items

I love discounts as a consumer. As a marketer, however, they make me a little nervous. Discounts can be complex, exhilarating, and (potentially) psychologically damaging. Are you scared yet? Don't be. Just understand that when you use discounts, you have the potential to train your customers to wait for them in the future. For a real life example, look no further than your inbox. If you have subscribed to the mailing lists of any fashion retailers you've seen the discount game. It becomes a drug that shoppers get hooked on and won't shop without it. Now, do I use discounts? Yes I do. I'm just careful to follow a strategy that will work for my business. 

One approach I've used is the idea of Buy More, Save More. It's kind of a win-win for you and your customer. Your customer buys higher priced or more items, and you reward them with a deeper discount the higher they go.  

Offer the percentage tiers that are right for you, but here's an example 10% off $100 or more, 15% off $250 or more, 20% off $500 or more.

In-Store Event: Expert Holiday Host

Good for: Brick and Mortar Retail Stores with space to entertain

If driving traffic to your store is on your holiday wish list, this is a great way to both attract new customers and delight current customers. Depending on your business offering, treat your guests to experience your brand. If you're a liquor store, this could be expert advice on wine pairing for the holidays. If you're a clothing boutique, perhaps you've invited a professional stylist to answer your customer's questions about what to wear to holiday parties. 

Engagement: Facebook Live

Good for: Anyone!

If you want to try something new and bold - for free - produce a Facebook Live segment that will draw in your customers. Think of what you'd like to see from your favorite retailers. An inside look at the hottest products for gifts this year? A new or interesting way to use one of your products? A chat with an expert on a topic that resonates with your audience? Whatever you do, be sure that you 1. promote the event ahead of time 2. Have a strong WIIFM (what's in it for me) answer 3. Follow up with guests who joined.

Gift Guide

Good for: Those with a wide range of giftable items

If you have a selection of holiday gifts that you want to show off, make it easy for your customers by arranging items into curated gift guide. This can exist in a digital format as well as in a physical display in your store. Just make sure that the items you are promoting are well stocked!