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Holiday Marketing Strategy Planning Outline

Are you setting your business up for holiday success this year? It might seem daunting now, but your best bet is to start the planning process early to ensure you have plenty of time to execute the perfect marketing strategy for your business. 

5 Steps to Create the Perfect Holiday Marketing Strategy

Do you know why they call it 'Black Friday'? It's because it's the first day many retailers turn a profit (black ink in accounting terms, vs red). After being in the consumer goods business for 90% of my career I know how important this selling season is. Make or break. 

Fortunately, I can help you get started with your Holiday Marketing Plan. Let's get cracking!

When I start a marketing plan, I follow the process that I'll share below. It always starts with writing down a clear goal and objectives.

Now it's time to get creative with the tactics you'll use to achieve your goals. Over the years, here are some of the tactics I've used.

  • Pricing: discounts, coupons, BOGO

  • Product: gift with purchase, limited edition, sets

  • Lead Generation: giveaways, contests, share with a friend

  • Engagement: Pinterest parties, Facebook Live, Twitter Chats

  • Events: In-store events

  • Partnerships: relevant brands, influencers

Next, I'll get out the calendar (I use a physical calendar, but you can use a virtual calendar as well) and start plugging in key holiday targets as well as potential launch dates for the campaigns I've brainstormed above. 

I recommend using a free project management tool that can follow you from computer to tablet to smartphone. Personally, I use Asana - but others have found success in Trello or Basecamp too. The key here is to be sure to input all of the micro tasks and deadlines in order to execute a successful holiday marketing plan. Your business AND your customers will thank you!

If you found this helpful, please consider sharing the image below. Or download the pdf here.

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Marketing Plan 2017 Edition
Melissa Carrier