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How did we get here?

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A little about me...

1. I love to wear stripes

2. Lemons make me happy

3. Seltzer is my favorite drink

I grew up with a healthy curiosity of all things digital - even when most of the world still operated in an analog fashion. Early memories of personal home computers with joysticks eventually made way for laptops as heavy as bricks, which made way for an entire computer in my pocket at all times.  

I learned my craft by experience - pushing every button on my Mom's computer and opening every program (this was before the internet came online in my household). Once it was time to choose a career, I knew I wanted to follow a path that would mix technology, creativity, and psychology. My path twisted and turned through sales training, corporate training, communications, and finally social media. Social Media evolved into Digital Marketing and here we are! 

What's in a Name?

Belle and Poppy are the middle names of my two girls. 

Who is Office Dog?


If you follow Belle Poppy on social media you're likely to meet Office Dog. He's a one year old chocolate lab named Theodore Barkley Carrier, or Theo for short. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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Melissa Carrier

My career in marketing has been a beautiful blend of disciplines that led me straight into the path of digital marketing. Before entering the retail world in 2006, I spent some time after college at a technology company training a B2B sales team remotely. For the past 10 years, I've been more focused on the consumer goods market and tackling a move from traditional to modern digital marketing. Today, my passion is to help small business with the skills I've learned along the way.