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Belle Poppy Digital

Digital Marketing Strategy

Does your business need more leads? More website traffic? More sales? We offer digital audits and marketing solutions to advance your business.

We are a Rhode Island-based boutique marketing agency. Our fresh approach to creative digital marketing strategy will attract and delight your ideal customer so you can focus on what you do best. 

What keeps you up at night as a business owner?

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is time-consuming.

I aim to guide business owners through the digital landscape in order to reach new heights.

Find out how I can help you.


Hi! I’m Melissa

Stripe addict and lemon lover.

My passion is helping small businesses succeed by attracting and delighting new and existing customers through digital marketing skills that I've earned in over 10 years of consumer goods and retail experience. I'm sure you recognize that the stakes have never been higher to get things right online. I can help.

Creating a digital footprint for your business has become much more than setting up a website. If you're overwhelmed at the ever-changing requirements online, I don't blame you! Follow along on my blog for a ton of resources and mini-marketing lessons and check out my real-live online shop where I’m always experimenting with the latest marketing trends.

If you'd like to learn how small changes can set you up for big success, set up a Discovery Call here: My Calendly app


Marketing Services


Put your best foot forward. I can help you build a digital identity for use on websites, social media and digital advertising, including logos, social media templates and more.

Social Media

In today’s business world, social media is more than Likes and Follows. I can help you assess your market, the competition, and create a sustainable plan to drive traffic to your business with social media.

Digital Advertising

The way businesses advertise has changed. We can help you navigate all of the acronyms: SEM, PPC, CPC, etc. With a solid plan and a little bit of advertising investment, we can go places!

Email Marketing

Think email marketing is outdated and a waste of time? What if I were to tell you that it’s one of the most productive ways for small businesses to regain control of their sales funnel? With a few simple steps, I can have you up and running in no time!


Perhaps you or someone on your team is ready to learn digital foundation skills? I have a diverse background in sales and technology training and can help your team develop the skills they need.

Marketing Automation

Are you looking to cut the time you spend on marketing your business and get your life back? That’s Marketing Automation! I can help you find efficiencies and implement tools to save time and create consistency.


People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
— Dale Carnegie


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Talking about Digital Brand Architecture is my passion.

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